Development Programs

The two most advanced programs are the development of therapeutic vaccines for Type 1 diabetes (T1D) and for multiple sclerosis. Both programs will enter in clinics in 2017.

Research Programs

Early phase research projects are ongoing with academic partners in infectious diseases, rheumatoid arthritis and myasthenia gravis.

For more information on T1D EU FP7 program go to http://exalt-fp7.eu 

Competitive Advantages

Imcyse technology platform and products present numerous competitive advantages:

  • Lasting effect: By blocking in a sustained way the inadequate immune responses causing the disease, Imcyse technology offers the potential to cure severe chronic diseases and to induce regeneration of damaged organs.

  • Specific and safe: The effect is specific to the immune response and the antigen involed in disease process, hence there is limited risk of non specific immunosuppression or of inadequate targeting of other organs. Therefore this therapeutic strategy presents all requirements to be very safe.

  • Cost effective: The product is a peptide based vaccine with alum adjuvant, hence easy and cheap to produce.

  • Convenient: patients will only need a few injections the first year, followed by 1-2 boosts the subsequent years. This convenience should improve the patients compliance

Business Strategy

The company has a solid research group and a broad and extended IP protection. The management has been strenghthened by experienced vaccine developers and the structure is prepared to face audits and due diligences. Two programs (MS and T1D) will enter clinics early 2017.
Our plans are to complete the two first clinical trials and to enter into collaboration or partnerships on some programs. In parallel, we are establishing partnerships with research groups and public funding bodies to broaden our pipeline and our IP portfolio