Development Programs

The most advanced ImotopeTM program is for type 1 diabetes (T1D), for which Phase Ib clinical results will be released Q3 2019. The T1D program is being developed by a European consortium (EXALT) and supported by a European grant of the 7th framework program. For more information on the T1D EU FP7 program go to http://exalt-fp7.eu  

The ImotopeTM multiple sclerosis program will enter the clinic in 2020.

Research Programs

Competitive Advantages

Imcyse technology platform and Imotopes offer numerous competitive clinical and commercial advantages:

  • Lasting effect: By blocking, in a sustained way, the unwanted immune responses causing the disease, Imcyse technology offers the potential to cure severe chronic diseases and to favor regeneration of damaged cells and organs.
  • Specific and safe: The effect is specific to the immune responses involved in the disease process and to the target organ. Therefore the risk of non-specific immunosuppression or of unwanted targeting of other organs is limited. The Imcyse dosing and therapeutic strategy provides all the necessary requirements for a safe medical intervention.
  • Cost-effective: The product is a synthetic peptide, administered with alum adjuvant. Patients will only require a few injections in the first year of treatment, followed by 1-2 boosts/year in the subsequent years. The long-lasting effects, with prevention of disease progress and elimination of serious complications, will dramatically reduce international healthcare budget costs.
  • Convenient: The simple and convenient administration format will facilitate enhanced patient compliance.



Business Strategy

The company has a solid research group and broad IP protection. The management team is comprised of experienced immunotherapeutics and vaccines developers. 

Our business strategy is bolstered on 3 pillars:

  1. Research collaborations with internationally-recognised groups, pharmaceutical partner companies and public funding bodies to broaden our pipeline and our IP portfolio
  2. Commercial partnerships on some indications
  3. in-house Development and Marketing of selective indications