About us

Imcyse is pioneering the development of a new class of active, specific immunotherapeutics: ImotopesTM. Imcyse’s new technology platform is based on the discovery of modified synthetic peptides to block the immune processes causing immune-mediated diseases. Imcyse’s ImotopesTM  offer the possibility to cure severe chronic diseases for which there is no satisfactory therapeutic alternative. The technology can also prevent the immunogenic responses that weaken the efficiency of chronic therapies. 

Our vision is to become a major player in active specific immunotherapy for the curative treatment of autoimmune and allergic diseases.



How does Imcyse technology work ?


Latest news

Imcyse Joins Type 1 Diabetes IMI Consortium INNODIA

Imcyse joins network of academic researchers, industry representatives and patients in collaboration to fight T1D

Consortium of 40 partners under the framework of the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) offers Imcyse greater access to T1D patient populations, a platform for scientific knowledge exchange and technical approaches to further decipher its MoA